Healing is a form a change

Healing is a way of transforming our lives.

Jing Well brings insight and understanding 

to the complex process of changing our lives.

When performed by a fully-trained practitioner of Chinese medicine, 

acupuncture is so much more than a  trick for alleviating pain. 

Chinese Medicine is effective in clinical studies 

and  recognized by the World Health Organization as a successful treatment in a wide variety of disorders.

By viewing a person as a coherent, connected system in a dynamic inter-relationship with the world, Chinese Medicine is able to diagnose and treat not only symptoms, but the root cause of those symptoms. 

When we address the root cause of our dis-ease, we awaken the body’s innate healing  intelligence and reconnect with our inborn wisdom, vitality, and sense-of-self.

At Jing Well Center for Asian Medicine, we don’t just treat symptoms or use symptom based acupuncture point recipes. Our comprehensive understanding of East Asian Medicine, Taoist medical philosophy, and multiple  styles and methods allows us to treat the whole patient and their root cause of illness…

… creating not only symptomatic relief, 

but also an increased sense of vitality, well-being, and meaning in our lives.

At Jing Well Our Mission Is:

• To treat each patient as a whole person with a unique story, not a disconnected collection of symptoms and diseases.

• To combine ancient wisdom with modern clinical practice and mindfully address everything from simple pain syndromes to complex, chronic conditions.

• To relieve pain and suffering, promote healing, and help every one of us experience vitality 

and deeper meaning in our lives.

Jing Well Center for Conscious Medicine 

1526 Idylwild Rd Suite B •  Prescott,  Arizona  86305 

jingwellccm.com • jingwellccm@gmail.com


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